1. Been using this for 25 years and love it.

    1. Author

      Hi Robert,
      Yeah it is really awesome and has so many great uses. I have used it over the years since I was younger and i have to say that it really is an underutilized product. Truly a great product.

      Thanks for your comment Robert.

  2. I have used corn huskers in the past as it was introduced to me my grandfather. 40 + years later I had the pleasure of introducing this to a friend who is 89. He would say my back itches real bad please help me I have tried everything even meds from the dr.
    I bought over a bottle and after 3 days of use he is now a regular user if Corn Huskers

    1. Author

      Hi Debbi,

      That’s great to hear. Many people don’t realize how well corn huskers lotion works to help many things and the many uses it has. Now that your friend knows about it I am sure there will be more uses your friend finds it useful for.

      Thanks for your comment Debbi.

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